Phill Monson 1 week ago @phillmonson


Out again last night on the hunt! A pizza box, diapers, bags of dog poop, more food containers etc- ‘Twas quite the haul! But that’s the name of the game to leaving it better. Nigel is also on the hunt for even SHORTER shorts, so stay tuned. On that note, Nigel will be a guest speaker at the 2020 @outsidersphoto conference in Kanab! He’ll be chatting about ways to minimize your impact in the wild, and how to Adventure Responsibly. Come on out to see the shortest shorts in the West with dundee150 to save some coin. #utah #leavenotrace #leaveitbetter #litterhunter #nigeldundee #adventureresponsibly #cleanupyourshit #donttrashutah #respectthewild #bigcottonwoodcanyon #outsiders

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